Here at Langille’s Truck Parts we bring passion and experience to help fulfill your Truck Parts requests:

David Langille started learning about trucks at a very young age, and always had a vision for the future for Langille’s Truck Parts to be the one stop shop for everyone’s truck parts needs. David’s travelling and touring around the world has also enhanced his knowledge about the trucking industry, but also the need for heightened customer service standards to be upheld at Langille’s to provide the very best service to our customers local or abroad.

The Langille’s Team has the knowledge and passion for trucks and truck parts that is second to none. Give us a call today so we can help you with your truck parts requests.

Hours Of Operation:

Hours Of Operation:


What Service We Offer For Our Customers?

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19 July 2022
19 July 2022
19 July 2022
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